Nour Al Hassan

Founder and CEO, Tarjama; Founder and CEO, UREED

Nour Al Hassan, is a female founder and CEO of two companies that specialise in linguistic services and translation - Tarjama and UREED. Building on the success of Tarjama, which she founded in 2008, she realised there was demand to leverage the power of the internet to connect businesses and freelancers across the region through a digital marketplace called Ureed.

Nour has spent her career creating and building a vast network of translators, editors, and linguists from the Middle East and around the world through Tarjama, a renowned translation company. For nearly a decade, Nour has pledged her time and expertise to empower females across the region, and she is continuing to this day to break barriers and drive the female workforce across the GCC and beyond.

Nour is a lifelong advocate of women’s empowerment, a mission that is truly reflected in Tarjama’s high impact business model, which trains and employs the largest network of Arabic-speaking female translators in the world. This will continue through her work at Ureed, as the platform will maximise the global economic impact that women contribute to the workforce by offering a marketplace for for all Arab translators, editors, and interpreters in the region.


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